Why Choose The Back Office Expert?

The challenges of running a business are many. Meeting these challenges is difficult, and without accurate and consistent financial information, it may be impossible. Good financial information allows you to:

• Understand how your business is performing
• Make informed decisions
• Manage cash flow
• Plan for the future

To be useful, good financial information must be:

• Accurate and consistent
• Complete
• Detailed
• Timely
• Accompanied by explanation and/or analysis

With over 20 years experience managing back office operations and financial reporting, I know exactly what you need.  I will craft the financial reporting system tailored to your situation and provide only the services you need. I work efficiently so that you pay as little as possible. One hour of my time is worth two hours from someone else.

Once you are a client, you can call me at any time with any question, not just during “normal” business hours.  My schedule adapts to yours.

All services are billed in detail, so you know exactly what you are paying for.

I accept “panic calls”, too!    207-767-2340